NASA Announces Change in Hubble Space Telescope Operations

After conducting tests and evaluating options, NASA revealed plans to transition the Hubble Space Telescope to operate using only one gyro. This decision comes after the telescope entered safe mode on May 24 due to faulty readings from one of its gyros. Despite this change, NASA assures that Hubble will continue its mission of exploring the universe with the majority of its observations unaffected.

Out of the six gyros on the spacecraft, three are currently active and responsible for measuring the telescope’s slew rates. The problematic gyro has been returning faulty readings, leading to multiple instances of safe mode and suspension of science observations. NASA is now moving towards operating Hubble with just one gyro, while keeping another in reserve for future use.

Although there may be minor limitations in one-gyro mode, NASA is confident that Hubble will continue to make significant scientific discoveries alongside other observatories for years to come. The transition process is expected to be completed by mid-June, allowing the telescope to resume its science operations.

The Hubble Space Telescope, launched in 1990, has exceeded its expected design lifetime and continues to provide valuable insights into the universe. With this new operational mode, NASA aims to extend Hubble’s mission and ensure its continued success in exploring the cosmos.

For more information about NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, visit the agency’s website.