Exploring Algeria: The Next Up-and-Coming Travel Destination

Content : Have you ever considered vacationing in Algeria? This North African country, often overlooked by tourists, is aiming to change that perception. In 2023, only 3.3 million foreign tourists visited Algeria, with a significant portion being Algerians from the diaspora visiting their families. In comparison, neighboring Morocco welcomed 14.5 million tourists despite being smaller and less affluent.

Algeria’s government has set ambitious goals to increase tourism numbers dramatically, aiming to attract 12 million tourists by 2030. The National Tourism Office is actively seeking investments to improve tourist infrastructure and accommodations. With around 2,000 projects approved and plans for restoration and expansion in progress across the country, Algeria is hoping to position itself as the next tourist hotspot.

While Algeria has been described as an “undiscovered gem” due to its breathtaking landscapes and rich culture, potential visitors still have reservations. Safety concerns, visa restrictions, and inadequate transportation options have been cited as deterrents for travelers. To attract more tourists, significant improvements need to be made according to analysts and tourists alike.

Despite the challenges, Algeria offers a wealth of attractions for adventurous travelers. From historical sites to stunning beaches, mountains, and the Sahara Desert, the country has something for everyone. Visitors can explore ancient ruins, camp under the stars in the desert, ride camels, swim in the Mediterranean, and marvel at natural wonders like the Ghoufi Canyon.

Cities like Algiers, Constantine, and Oran are filled with cultural and historical sites waiting to be explored. Travelers can visit UNESCO World Heritage sites, ancient mosques, breathtaking rock formations, and picturesque beach spots. With a relatively short flight from the UK, Algeria is a convenient destination for those seeking a unique and immersive travel experience.

Before planning a trip to Algeria, it’s essential to consider certain factors. The UK’s FCDO advises against travel near certain border areas due to security risks. Additionally, obtaining a visa is required before entry, and travelers should be mindful of local customs and laws, especially in a predominantly Muslim country. By taking necessary precautions and respecting local norms, a trip to Algeria can be a rewarding and unforgettable experience.