The National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC) considers that competition is an “essential tool” to promote the Spanish industrial sector in the coming years, as indicated in its report on the Draft Industry Law.

The agency has also pointed out the need to “evaluate in depth” the public aid that is proposed in this Draft to prevent them from distorting the market.

Likewise, the CNMC has insisted on the importance of continually reviewing the regulation and clarifying the figures of business collaboration to eliminate barriers to free competition.

For the same purpose, the organization has requested that the reasons for which “prior accreditation of the control bodies before the national accreditation body” is required (as established by the Preliminary Draft) and that, in the absence of such reasons, the accreditation is replaced by a responsible declaration.

Likewise, the CNMC considers that specific qualifications to carry out an activity should be avoided unless there is a justified reason, opting to use other means that verify that the employer has the necessary knowledge and skills.

Finally, the organization has requested that the Draft Industry Law include the obligation to notify the CNMC of “any presumably illegal act or conduct in the field of competition”, in addition to defining, in accordance with the criteria of the European Union , the environmental benefits that are pursued with public procurement.

The future standard includes the ‘Spanish Strategy for Industrial Promotion’, which sets general guidelines for the coming years, and creates figures such as the ‘Strategic Reserve based on National Industrial Production Capacities’, with which it is intended to respond to possible supply crisis.