The spokesperson for the Sea of ​​the Popular Group, Teresa Egerique, regretted this Friday that the European Commissioner for the Environment, Oceans and Fisheries, Virginijus Sinkevicius, has once again shown, through a letter, his “obfuscation” in the error and the the damage that the ban on bottom gear has caused to the fishing sector.

Egerique has criticized that the decision of the European Commission “does not start a process” as Sinkevicius claimed, but rather “culminates” it and “leads the bottom gear fleet ahead”.

In this sense, the popular spokesperson has questioned whether the European Commission is now going to do “what it should have done before.” “They are correcting the path traveled so far but, unfortunately, it is already too late,” she added.

“That they make an amendment proposal and begin the review of this situation, just the day the deadline for filing the appeal by the sector ends, evidence of bad faith and little empathy with those who work hard at sea to get ahead every day” , has indicated.

Also, Teresa Egerique, has indicated that “no less can be expected from a green commissioner under the orders of a socialist vice president”. “We hope that the legal action will prosper and this administrative and regulatory disaster will be overturned”, she has sentenced.