The Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda Commission of Congress will debate this Tuesday a non-legal proposal from Esquerra Republicana (ERC), Bildu and the BNG so that the Government paralyzes and withdraws the ministerial order by which it intends to liberalize the control towers of seven Spanish airports, a privatization that United Podemos also rejects.

According to the plans of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda, this privatization proposal launched by Aena would affect the airports of Bilbao, Santiago-Rosalía de Castro, Palma de Mallorca, Málaga-Costa del Sol, Gran Canaria, Tenerife Sur and Tenerife North-City of the Lagoon.

In their proposal, collected by Europa Press, the signatory formations believe that the intention of the Government is that the current management of Enaire is carried out by new civil providers of aerodrome air traffic control services. For the parties, the Transport decision would lead to a “situation of risk of deterioration” of the services related to air traffic management with respect to the current service.

Bildu, ERC and BNG also point out that the previous service liberalization processes show that “there are no improvements in terms of the economic efficiency that is intended to be pursued” or in terms of the working conditions of the controller staff and their own safety .

From the Ministry of Transport they pointed out that the initiative seeks to improve the competitiveness of air transport in Spain, “with maximum levels of quality and safety, so that it contributes to a lower price for air tickets and greater punctuality”.

However, this measure caused differences within the coalition government. In this way, the spokesman for Unidas Podemos in the Transport Commission of Congress, Rafael Mayoral, also conveyed to the Minister of Transport, Raquel Sánchez, his rejection of the privatization of the control towers in these seven airports.

In a letter addressed to the minister, Mayoral also had an impact on addressing the “worrying” working conditions of aeronautical firefighters. “We believe that it is not necessary to privatize, but rather the opposite, to address the deprivatization process, and that involves taking a first step with the aeronautical firefighters,” added the letter from the United Podemos deputy.