HySun, a ‘joint venture’ created by the Spanish companies Nanogap and Tewer Engineering, has developed the first 100% renewable hydrogen production solution without the use of electricity, unique and disruptive, based on the use of photo-thermo-catalytic materials combined with solar concentrators in a new hydrogen production reactor using only the energy of the sun and water, the company said.

Specifically, this new hydrogen production solution, which will involve an investment of 15 million euros, is made from a simple process that uses photo-thermo-catalytic reactors that combine catalyst technology, provided by Nanogap , with the technology of reactors and solar concentrators, from Tewer.

The group pointed out that it is a “totally disruptive and innovative” advance in the field of hydrogen in the world, since it is the first renewable solution that is obtained from a 100% Spanish technology, with a sale price of 1 euro. per kilogram of hydrogen, “the lowest price on the market, compared to green hydrogen that currently has a cost of 5 euros per kilogram with a high dependence on the price of electricity.”

Specifically, this new type of clean, efficient and ecological hydrogen is obtained using one seventh of the land surface and does not require a connection to the electricity grid, but instead applies the sun directly as a renewable source, unlike the hydrogen that comes from electrolyzers that use electricity.

The company plans to install up to 35 plants that will produce more than 100,000 tons of renewable hydrogen per year, achieving a turnover of more than 130 million euros by 2030.

The CEO of Hysun and Tewer, Marco Antonio Carrascosa, pointed out that, with a solution that represents a renewable and 100% clean alternative for sectors with very high energy consumption such as transport or industry, as the world changes towards a model based on renewable energy, “there are still sectors that did not have a clean alternative until now”.

For her part, the CEO of Nonogap added that the company proposes “a totally renewable and clean solution to help decarbonise”.