The National Taxi Association (Antaxi) has asked the Catalan Competition Association (ACCO) to carry out an “equity” exercise and to dialogue with the taxi representatives of Catalonia, considering that the ACCO “has only listened” to a part of the conflict, to the VTC.

This was revealed this Thursday by the president of Antaxi, Julio Sanz, in relation to the sanction of more than 120,000 euros imposed by the ACCO on Elite Taxi for making alleged “collective recommendations to boycott Uber and other operators”.

Sanz believes that this is a “striking” situation, as it is the first time that an association has been penalized for making a recommendation to its members. “We do not see complaints against other consumer associations for recommending some consumption options or others,” he has justified.

“It would be welcome to have the same concern for complying with transport regulations as for suing others under this pretext”, he added in reference to the Judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) for the claim of Elite Taxi against Uber in relation to the use of applications that facilitate non-professional drivers to provide urban transport services.

In any case, the taxi sector has insisted that an open dialogue be established with all the public institutions involved in the management of urban mobility to guarantee users “safe transport, with all consumer rights and that contribute to the sustainability of cities”.