UGT has signed the agreement by which the Employment Regulation File (ERE) will be carried out in the Vivanta Clinics group, which will affect 249 people compared to the 337 that the company initially proposed, as reported by the union this Wednesday .

In this sense, UGT has shown its “satisfaction” with this decrease in the number of people affected and, in addition, has explained that in the amortization of affected jobs, the general criterion of voluntariness has been applied in the majority of categories, at the same time that “objective criteria that prevent abuse or discrimination” have been established.

UGT had expressed its “resounding rejection” of the business proposal to compensate workers with 22 or 24 days of service per year, with a maximum of 12 monthly payments, as it was “clearly insufficient”, and finally the company has agreed to increase the compensation to 27 days per year with a limit of 14 monthly payments.

However, UGT has detailed that it considers, and has expressed it to the Vivanta group, “that the ERE process to which the company has been forced has been the result of poor management continued over time.”

Therefore, with the agreement reached in the negotiation, the union has considered that they have “satisfactorily” protected both the affected workers and the workers who remain in the company, with a “substantial” improvement in the proposed economic amounts. initially, “ensuring that the transfers that have occurred were those closest to the clinic to which the affected worker was assigned and reducing the number of affected people.”

In any case, the legal representation of the workers of UGT Servicios Públicos “will ensure compliance and development of what is agreed in this ERE from its position in the monitoring commission and monitoring the clinics resized by the company, so that in “In no case does this represent an overload of work for the workers of the dental clinics of the Vivanta group”.