The board of directors of Urbas has approved the appointment of Santiago del Valle as director of operations (COO) of the company to reinforce the growth process of the firm and coordinate the activity of all its businesses, according to The company announced this Monday in a press release.

Del Valle joined Urbas in November 2022 as General Director of Energy and Industry to lead the company’s global growth and expansion strategy in innovation, development and execution of projects and infrastructure aimed at the production of renewable energy.

The new director of operations assumes his new responsibilities as COO to reinforce the growth process of the group and all its businesses, specifically, Real Estate Development, Infrastructure and Building, Energy and Industry, Services and ‘Healthcare’.

In addition, Del Valle is president of Sercobe, the National Association of Capital Goods Manufacturers, and a member of the executive committee of Confemetal and CEOE, and has an active participation in the management of the Next Generation EU funds.

For his part, Valentín Cuetos, a mining engineer and until now director of Energy operations, becomes the general director of Energy and Industry at Urbas.