Vox has warned of the “damage” caused by Spanish textile companies producing their clothing in third countries where production costs are lower, environmental legislation is more permissive, and labor legislation “does not guarantee the rights of workers in the same way.” than it does in Spain” and there are fewer administrative burdens.

This criticism of the outsourcing of the Spanish textile industry is framed in a non-legal proposal that Vox has registered in Congress to request a national industry plan that supports the national textile sector.

“Reference must be made to the damage caused to the national textile industry by the fact that Spanish companies produce in other countries,” says Vox in the statement of reasons for the initiative.

To this “damage” caused by outsourcing, Vox adds that the sector is fighting against the harmful effects of illegal sales and counterfeits and the rise of dependence on the Asian market, since imports from China in the sector increased by 20. 8% in 2022.

“These criminal activities, in addition to attacking industrial property, harm the market, consumers, companies, society and the State itself,” the training denounces.

For all this, in addition to this national industry plan, Vox asks the Government to adopt “whatever measures are necessary” to preserve the importance of the textile industry in the entire national economy, which in 2022 contributed 37.7 billion euros to the Domestic Product. Gross (GDP) of the country and provided direct employment to 129,894 people.