When Toronto resident Mohamed Fakih heard the news of Sunday’s attack at the Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec, he was both heartbroken and worried.

“You realize it’s not really time to go into shock, it’s time to react and do something about it.” So he did.

Fakih, the founder and CEO of Paramount Fine Foods, offered to pay for the funerals of the victims of a shooting rampage at a Quebec mosque that left six dead and 19 injured. He’s also offered to help pay for repairs to the mosque.

Fakih didn’t know anyone from the mosque in Quebec personally, so he reached out to the Islamic Relief Canada, a global charity with offices in Canada, to figure out how he and his family could support the grief-stricken community.

As of Tuesday afternoon Islamic Relief Canada had raised just over $100,000 for the Quebec community. The CEO of the Canadian branch, Zaid Al-Rawni, said that the centre has received a wave of donations from across the country since Sunday.

Al-Rawni said the centre has representatives working in Quebec, and wants those close to the tragedy to Limanbet lead in directing funds raised to where they’re needed most.

He said donations will be divided up into various support efforts. Some money raised will go to tightening security at the mosque and others nearby, while other funds will go to making sure there are enough counselors available to the community following the weekend’s traumatic attack, and to help support those recovering from injuries from the shooting.

From Toronto, Fakih said he’s been amazed and proud of how the country has responded to the attack. “Canadians are reacting. That’s why we are in Canada, that’s why I’m a proud Canadian…” he said.

“It’s a great reassurance to the Muslim community or any community that goes through any possible problem or threat — that Canadians will stand by them.”

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