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A lightweight microphone for content creators and live streamers, with a range of 300M

SHENZHEN, China, Jan. 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Hollyland is pleased to announce the LARK M2, a new premium-level consumer wireless lapel microphone. At just 9 grams, it excels as an incredibly lightweight lavalier microphone, making it the best choice for filmmakers, vloggers, and podcasters. It is small and light enough to attach comfortably, securely and discreetly to any type of clothing. With lossless sound reproduction and top-of-the-line capabilities, LARK M2 ensures users get the best possible results every recording opportunity. Owners can rely on it for up to 10 hours of uninterrupted use and expect consistent audio quality with every use.

Advanced antenna for reliable long-range transmission

The LARK M2 is not only perfect for general content creation, but also for other real-time audio and video activities such as live entertainment, distance learning, social media, event planning, weddings, presentations, live streaming and more. The LARK M2 eliminates messy cables and offers a truly wireless recording experience. The Lightning version connects to classic iPhones, while the USB-C version connects to Android phones, iPhone 15, action cameras, and computers.

The microphone’s high-gain LDS (laser direct structuring) antenna reduces signal blocking caused by the human body, providing stable and uninterrupted audio transmission. With a remarkable range of up to 300 meters (line of sight), the LARK M2 is the perfect tool for capturing high-quality audio in difficult recording environments.

Advanced, smart and easy-to-use features

The microphone’s Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) ensures more accurate sound recreation in noisy environments. Users can easily adjust the ENC strength to provide the best results in any situation. The LARK M2 is compatible with Hollyland’s easy-to-use LarkSound app, which enables one-touch firmware updates, volume and noise cancellation adjustments, and real-time audio status checking.

The microphone system also features studio-grade 48kHz/24-bit Hi-Fi sound quality, a signal-to-noise ratio of 70 dB and a maximum sound pressure level of 115 dB to deliver natural, high-quality sound. high Fidelity. The LARK M2 offers several ways to control recordings, including smooth playback without disconnecting, remote TX control for video recording with mobile devices, an intuitive knob for quick volume adjustment, and easy switching between mono and stereo modes.

The LARK M2’s attractive design effortlessly complements the user’s personal style, all at an affordable price. Users can securely attach the microphone with the included magnetic attachment, clip, or new collar design.

Long battery life: up to 40 hours

With LARK M2’s optimized efficiency and power management, it can run continuously for up to 10 hours, ensuring users can focus on creating great content without worrying about running out of power. The compact and portable charging case can charge the entire device twice and requires less than 1.5 hours to reach full charge. The camera version provides a total runtime of up to 40 hours, while the mobile version has a battery life of 30 hours with the charging case. The system can be charged while in use.

Multiple packages and accessories

The LARK M2 is available in four versions: mobile (Lightning), mobile (USB-C), camera and combo version. Each package includes a host of accessories, such as wind shields for outdoor recording, cable connectors for easy connectivity, and a specially designed collar for each TX unit.

Price and availability

The LARK M2 will launch globally on January 10, 2024 and is available through local dealers as well as the Hollyland Amazon store https://amzn.to/47o1PfO

Learn more about the new LARK M2 lightweight wireless microphone at: [https://hollyland.info/larkm2]

Mobile version (Lightning): [€163]Mobile version (USB-C): [€151]Camera version: [€175]Combo version: [€199]

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