“Scandal” Season 6 is filled with dark and disturbing storylines, so cast member Katie Lowes thinks that it’s important to have a breather every now and then.

While speaking with TV Line, the actress said that her character Quinn and Charlie’s (George Newbern) relationship could serve as comic relief for the hit ABC series. In the premiere episode, Charlie asked for Quinn’s hand in marriage, and the latter said yes. Despite the awkwardness of the situation for Huck (Guillermo Diaz), he and Quinn still worked together. However, when a witness’ cabin burned down, Quinn picked up the woman’s burnt finger, which also had an engagement ring.

Even though the witness’ engagement doesn’t have anything to do with Quinn and Charlie’s relationship, she still showed it to Charlie in one of the scenes from “Survival of the Fittest.” “We actually joked all day about taking the ring off that dead hand and putting it on Quinn,” she said.

Lowes also talked about what’s Marsbahis in store for Quinn and Charlie down the line now that they are engaged. “There’s really good stuff coming down the pike for Quinn on a personal level, which is always a treat to play. Quinn and Charlie provide a different, dark comedic tone to the show, so we’ll get to live in that world because of what’s going on with them,” she said.

Meanwhile, if Quinn and Charlie’s relationship will progress, fans can also expect Huck to move on from his fellow Gladiator. While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Diaz dished on Huck’s fate and said, “Someone’s coming into Huck’s life. He hasn’t had a partner in a long time – like a lover, or a girlfriend, or a wife for a while. So someone comes into his life that he really likes.”

“Scandal” Season 6 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.

Quinn’s (Katie Lowes) engagement to Charlie (George Newbern) will take center stage in the upcoming episodes of “Scandal” Season 6. Photo: ABC

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