Brutus, the grizzly bear, went straight for the brass locks on a cooler advertised as “bear-proof.”Bill Monroe 

Watch this space, because Brutus is not your average bear.

Brutus, a 900-pound grizzly, is appearing this weekend at the Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show.

So is Yeti coolers, which advertise their coolers as bear proof.

Lets prove it, thought Bill O’Loughlin, manager of the shows and president of O’Loughlin Trade Shows.

O’Loughlin paid the cooler’s representatives $340 for a cooler and left it with Ami Testa, Brutus’ handler out of Montana Grizzly Encounters.

Saturday morning, the cooler was “filled” with three avacados (Brutus’ favorite food) and left in the pan when he was let out of his overnight cage.

Brutus ate a few of his breakfast grapes and went straight to work on the cooler, which had its’ exterior handles, latches, etc. replaced with a pair of brass locks.

He’s smart enough to know the locks were the, well, key to the kingdom, but was unable to gnaw them off.

By noon, he still hadn’t broken into avacado heaven, but had the cooler in his pool, still trying to figure out the combination.

Stay tuned.

– Bill Monroe

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