All throughout the midseason break of “Gotham” Season 3, the villain in focus was the Joker (Cameron Monaghan). He was surprisingly killed off during Season 2 by Theo Galavan (James Frain), but Joker loyalists brought him back to life recently.

But while it was exciting watching the Joker regain consciousness and wreak havoc once again in Gotham City, this time around the Fox show decided to play up another villain: the Riddler (Cory Michael Smith).

In a new promo for Season 3, episode 15, Ed Nygma decided to embrace his other, more sinister persona after breaking ties (and killing) with his former boss and friend, Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor). “All my life, I felt there was someone inside of me. It’s now time to be him,” he says in the video.

His trademark green question mark will also make appearances throughout the city, much to the disdain of the cops. The video also offers a first glimpse of the Riddler in costume.

The actor earlier discussed with Cinema Blend the show’s unique take on the Riddler and his costume. “What Hepsibahis we have as the Riddler costume is really classy, and that’s kind of what we wanted,” he said.

“To give you some inside scoop, I do not have a cane yet, but I want one so badly for a few different reasons. I won’t tell you all of them so I don’t spoil anything, but I’m pitching very hard for a cane,” he continued. “Plus, we do have somewhere to go and add some stuff, so maybe in the future, there will be a cane. But I want him to be someone who deserves a [expletive] cane. He needs to be someone that’s just begging for a cane.”

“Gotham” Season 3, episode 15, titled “How the Riddler Got His Name,” will return on April 24. Cory Michael Smith plays Ed Nygma in “Gotham” Season 3. Photo: Fox

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