the Cars on fire, with children raised by söndersprängda of the balconies, and the outside of the window, in the centre of town and is moving to the national bombskyddet. It is now a part of daily life in Sweden to 2019. So far, this year has been over 100 explosions took place, which, according to experts, the lack of a precedent, outside of conflict zones. At the same time, the judicial system, but they have the resources and the tools that are required in order to respond to the crisis. In the past called for Malmöpolisen a national gain, and rikspolisen declared a national special event of the gängvåldet.

as the World tries to protect itself from the trend on the streets of Sweden. In the world, established in Denmark border control in Sweden. ”We’re seeing progress and don’t want it to spread to Denmark,” said Danish minister of justice, at a press conference in October.

the Unsustainable immigration, and a weak legal policy
this problem did not occur overnight, but it is the hangover after the years of non-immigration, the naive policies of integration and lack of legal policy. There has been a failure on the part of many of our most important public services to allow for the class trips for the year.

the Young brought up by the rules, and is sent straight into the arms of criminal gangs. More and more kids are shot to death by the other children.

year after Year, the school informed the social exclusion and dependence on social welfare system inherited on the children to the new arrivals. When local authorities set up specialist resources to support new arrivals as indicated by more of the state, regardless of whether the ratings are plummeting. Of school failure, allows young people, rather than be brought up by the rules, and is sent straight into the arms of criminal gangs and the drug trade. More and more kids are shot to death by the other children. of Sweden, is studied as a cautionary tale of Sufficient police resources to combat gangs. The criminals who are actually caught face potential penalties, as well as generous straffrabatter, when it really should be the other way round. The past travelled to experts, to learn from the Swedish model ” – today, they are here to study the explosions and the failure of the integration.

the Government of Stefan Löfven has lost control of the situation for the safety of our streets, the type I Karapet.Photo by: < / b> by ALEX LJUNGDAHL
But it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s not Sweden, I would like to pass on to my children and their children’s children. Are we serious about wanting to reverse the trend, so we have to let go snällismen, and the foolish dreams of a humanitarian power in the world. When necessary, the tightening of immigration policies, and more requirements for the installation of the integration. We need to have the resources to keep our own border from illicit drugs, arms and explosives, to ensure that our neighbours don’t need to set up the strengthening of the us. The criminal gangs will face double the penalty, and no straffrabatter. Each of the skattekrona that are being dumped in the jubilee, and the family week should be added on border controls and police operations.

the Parliament will need to select the

in Order to reverse this trend requires a government that is willing to take hold of Sweden’s acute economic problems. Then the riksdag, to start with, that as a mark of the social Democrats, and the government’s current course of policy, has reached the end of the world. At the end of our neighbouring country, the need to establish controls in order to prevent the situation in Sweden, there are no longer any excuses or rationalizations. The government of Stefan Löfven has lost control of the situation for the safety of our roads.

are we seriously having to re-establish law and order, to have effect in the united kingdom, who are ready to put hard against hard against the jets will be ready to come together and work together. We can’t afford to wait any longer. < / span> < / span>

the Member.

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